Medicare Safety Net

Medicare safety net

Medicare safety net The Medicare Safety Net is not something that usually plays a role in anaesthetic practice – but it can pay to understand what it is.  Medicare rebates  First things first. You need to understand how Medicare determines rebates. In the Medicare Benefits Schedule, each item number has a Schedule Fee. Basically, this […]

How to set anaesthetic fees

Setting fees

How to set your anaesthetic fees In the world of anaesthetics, there’s a myriad of ways to set how much you charge your fees. Fee setting is complex and carefully choosing how you set your fees will ensure you maximise your income. First, let’s explore the different ways fees are set. This article presumes you understand […]

CPD Requirements for Anaesthetists


Continued Professional Development Requirements for Anaesthetists To ensure that every patient in Australia and New Zealand receives the best care available, all anaesthetists and pain medicine physicians are required to partake in a continuing professional development program (CPD).   The new CPD program is coming (for most of us) and it’s time to get familiar with […]

Business Activity Statements for specialist anaesthetists and intensivists  

BAS anaesthetists

Business Activity statements for specalist anaesthetists and intensivists This is the second part in our accounting basics series. If you haven’t read the first part on Goods and Services Tax (GST) we recommend you read it first here. So you’ve started private practice, you’ve got your ABN and the income is starting to flow in. […]

Military, DVA and Defence health patients – what’s the difference?  

Australia Air Force

Military, DVA and Defence health patients – what’s the difference? You might find yourself coming across patients that are currently serving military members or have previously been so.   They can be insured in very different ways, so it’s helpful to know the difference.    1. Currently serving military members Uniformed Army, Navy and Air Force members […]

GST for Anaesthetists and Intensivists  

GST for anaesthetists

Gst for Anaesthetists and intensivists Australia’s consumption tax, known as the Goods and Services Tax, applies to everything you pay for, with a few exceptions. Most healthcare – but importantly, not all – is exempt from GST. If you are planning on doing any health care work where you are not paid a salary, such […]

Tips for building your private practice 

Tips to starting in private practice

Tips for building your private practice Everyone that starts private practice asks themselves the same question – how do I get private work?  Like any business, it’s always a challenge to build a customer base – in anaesthetic private practice, your direct customers are essentially the surgeons and other proceduralists that you’ll work with. Fortunately, […]

Billing for regional and neuraxial anaesthesia 


Billing for regional and neuraxial anaesthesia By Dr. Simon McLaughlin  Blocks are becoming more and more prevalent in anaesthetic practice and thankfully the MBS encourages the use of these techniques. There are item numbers that support you performing them as part of your practice.  Neuraxial and regional techniques in combination with general anaesthesia  If you […]

How do you health funds work for anaesthetists?

Health Fund anaesthetists

How do Health Funds Work for anaesthetists? Health funds will be a significant source of income for private anaesthetists. Hence why it’s a good idea to understand how they work.  How do health funds work? Members of health funds are entitled to rebates for anaesthetic fees where they are covered for the surgical procedure under […]

How anaesthetist’s get started in private practice

Female Anaesthetist

How to get your anaesthetic private practice set up Have you almost earnt your FANZCA? Or have you always worked in the public sector and are now looking to work in private was well? This article will show you the steps of how to get started in a private practice as an anaesthetist. Step 1: […]