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How should I set my anaesthetic fees?

What billing method should you be using – no-gap, set-gap, unit-based fee or set total fee? We would recommend reading this article How to set your anaesthetic fees blog and requesting a Beginners Guide to Billing from our billing experts to ensure you are billing the right way for your practice.

How much does Solo Practice Managment charge?

There’s no monthly fees, sign up fees or fees for IFC, postage or anything else. Just one simple fee per account.

For anaesthetic billing we charge 4.6% of each case you do, capped at $30 for no-gap and $50 for everything else.

For ICU billing, we charge per admission - $18 for bulk bill, $23 for no-gap and $29 for all other accounts.

Do you obtain informed financial consent?

We send IFC to every patient, including valuable information about your service to create an exceptional anaesthetic experience, from booking to recovery. Just send us your surgeon’s room contact so we can obtain the list and we’ll take care of the rest.

IFC and prepayment is a complimentary service, just ask.

How do I send Solo the Billing sheet?

If you have a smart phone, you can scan the document directly onto your phone. We use an encrypted email server to ensure the highest level of security.

Is Solo Practice Management based in Australia?

Yes we are 100% Australian owned and operated. Our friendly team are located in NSW and are available for any queries or requests you may have on 1300 765 676.

Does Solo invoice the patients and health funds on my behalf?

Yes, we are responsible for sending quotes, invoicing and collecting fees. This includes from patients, health funds, Workcover and other third parties.

How do I get started with Solo Practice Management?

Simply fill out this online sign up form and our friendly team will be in touch shortly.

Can I still join if I’m on a Moratorium?

Absolutely. As long as you only work at regional hospitals, we can bill for all your private work.

What is the best way to get in touch with support?

Email our friendly team at hello@solopm.au or call us directly on 1300 765 676. Our billing experts are always on hand to assist with your questions.

Any questions? We're happy to help!

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