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Our Services

Specialist practice management for the solo anaesthetist.

Not just billing, but a focus on the anaesthetic journey for your patients. We understand anaesthesia and what’s involved, so we can enhance the patient experience while reducing your administrative burden.

Whether you’ve just got your letters or have a full-time private practice, we’re here to support you. Check out our educational resources first if you are new to private practice!

Our services at Solo Practice Management include:

Fast and reliable

We aim to have billing submitted within 2 business days with a confirmation report of expected billings emailed to you. Everything is submitted electronically to insurers and patients to ensure the proceeds hit your bank account ASAP.

Quotes and anaesthetic information

Patients receive an introduction from you as well as information about their anaesthetic providing a positive, reassuring start to their anaesthetic experience.

IFC and prepayment

We check each and every patient’s insurance prior to their anaesthetic. Informed financial consent as well as patient pre-payments where required are included complimentary – nothing extra to pay!

We bill for it all

Billing for gap, no-gap, Workcover, third-party and all other accounts. Health Fund remittances paid directly to you

No accounts left behind

We pride ourselves on our ability to minimise the risk of unpaid accounts and follow up every account until you’re satisfied.

Health fund set-up

Complimentary completion of your initial health fund paperwork. If you are new to private practice and need to register with the health funds, or moving from another billing agent we have the right forms for each scenario and will get you set up in no time.

Competitive fees

Competitive per account fees with our unique fee structure means that no matter what stage of your career, you’re always getting great value. On top of that, there is no initial set up or ongoing monthly fees.

Billing experts at your fingertips

Friendly and efficient administrative staff who are experts in anaesthetic and intensive care billing. Our team are based in Australia and are always available to assist you.


Monthly and quarterly reports to assist with reconciliation and accounting requirements.


All Solo members will have access to our education resources to ensure they are making the most out of their private practice.

Our fees

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4.6% of each case you do
Capped at $30 for no-gap
$50 for everything else

Our members pay an average of just 3.3% for our full service billing solution. Including chasing your lists, IFC, electronic doctor introduction and patient anaesthesia education, fast account processing and all accounts chased to completion.

Anaesthetic group management

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Already have an established anaesthetic group? Looking to decrease the amount of time spent on administrational duties or the amount of money spent on a group receptionist?

Solo Practice Management offers a comprehensive practice management solution tailored for small anaesthetic groups. Our practice management services will eliminate the amount of time spent on administrational tasks after your day of surgeries and provide cost savings from avoiding expensive infrastructure.

Our proficient management services enable us to efficiently oversee your group, virtually replicating the presence of on-site staff in your local area, ensuring seamless assistance to your patients throughout the workweek. Alternatively, for practices with established facilities, we can effectively manage or augment your existing setup.

For further information, reach out to us today.

Using our management service includes:

Save the hassle & expense of doing your own:

Let’s get started

Solo Practice Management, take back control over your billing and start automating your billing process

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