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Our Services

Discovered our all customised services and you can double, triple, or quadruple your income & beat your competition with professional services!

We are ICU billing experts and we’re proud of it. Whether you’ve just got your letters or have a full-time private practice, we’re here to support you with our critical care focused expertise.

Check out our educational resources first if you are new to private practice!

Fast and reliable

We aim to have billing submitted within 2 business days with a confirmation report of expected billings emailed to you. Everything is submitted electronically to insurers and patients to ensure the proceeds hit your bank account ASAP.

Health fund set-up

Complimentary completion of your initial health fund paperwork. If you are new to private practice and need to register with the health funds, or moving from another billing agent we have the right forms for each scenario and will get you set up in no time.

We bill for it all

Billing for gap, no-gap, Workcover, third-party and all other accounts. Health Fund remittances paid directly to you.

No accounts left behind

We pride ourselves on our ability to minimise the risk of unpaid accounts and follow up every account until you’re satisfied.

Competitive fees

Very simple and competitive per account fees. No initial set up or ongoing monthly fees.


Monthly and quarterly reports to assist with reconciliation and accounting requirements.

Our fees

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We believe transparency is front and foremost in this industry.
So here are our fees upfront and we believe they are the fairest out there. All ICU accounts are charged at a flat fee per admission
$18 for bulk bill
$23 for no-gap
$29 for all other accounts

Intensivists group management

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Setting up and running a medical group can be hectic and time consuming. Solo Practice Management can provide a full practice management solution for intensive care groups, alleviating the need for anaesthetist to provide their time after hours to manage the ins and outs of running a small business.

Solo will save you time and resources through human resource management. You won’t have to worry about managing staff – including their sick leave and other absences. With Solo, your billing will never stop or fall behind.

With our expert management services, we can run your group virtually to ensure your patients receive a high-quality service. Alternatively, if your practice already has rooms that are established, we can manage or supplement your existing structure.

To discuss how we can best offer a full practice management solution for your established or growing ICU group please contact us.

Using our management service includes:

Save the hassle & expense of doing your own:

Let’s get started

Solo Practice Management, take back control over your billing and start automating your billing process

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