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About Solo Practice Management

Solo Practice Management was established out of a simple realisation that running a solo practice doesn’t mean you should have second-rate service.

Getting your anaesthetic or ICU billing done accurately and efficiently are the basics that always should be done well – but that’s just the beginning. We’re here to assist the solo practitioner, provide a full service to their patients and help build their business in the process.

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Why us?

We were born out of anaesthetists having their time wasted and money lost by one of the biggest medical billing companies in the country. Anaesthetists needing to double check every account and
pay back money to health funds due to costly errors – it’s just not on!

We built Solo Practice Management from the ground up to provide exceptional service for you and your patients, with the best value for money out there! Then we saw more opportunities – to be more than just billing and actually support and enhance your practice. We work behind the scenes to help patients get to know you before their surgery. We also ensure that the patient has all the information you require them to have before the surgery. We pride ourselves on offering a much more comprehensive patient experience that reflects exceptionally well on your private practice.

At the end of the day, not only do we want to save you money, but we want to save you time so you can focus on doing more of what you like.

Let’s get started

Solo Practice Management, take back control over your billing and start automating your billing process

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